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Our Mission

We don’t just make oxides. We make oxides better.

Zinco Verde specializes in producing high-quality oxides and custom compounds using environmentally sustainable, green chemistry processes. We developed and patented an innovative chemical synthesis processes that combined resource efficiency and waste reduction to minimize environmental impact. Every ton of Zinco Verde ZnO produced, reduces 5 tons of Global CO2 output. Our commitment is to promote the circular economy by developing cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions that preserve the planet for future generations.

About Us

At Zinco Verde, we use green chemistry to produce metal oxides and custom compounds for a sustainable future. Chemistry is our passion at Zinco Verde, motivated, dedicated and creative – our employees are committed to a verdant future for the world.  We combine chemical innovation with environmental protection and social responsibility.   We are constantly expanding our portfolio of products with a low carbon footprint and advancing the circular economy. We are pioneers on the path to climate neutrality.  We know that there is no transformation towards a more circular world without smart and intelligent solutions from chemistry.

Our Green Principles

Customized Sustainable Compounds

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Our custom compounds are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of our customers and partners. We work closely with them to develop green, sustainable, and highly effective solutions in their applications. By collaborating with our customers, we can help them reduce their environmental impact while maintaining their competitive edge in the market.

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